Then and Now – Surf Force: A Tech Event With a Twist.

Surf Force is a unique event in that, while it is a technology event, it is also targeting those outside of the Salesforce Ohana as well. Making people aware of the idea that technology is not only availbale but a fantastic new direction for a career is a big part of the event. To borrow Marc Benioff, the business of Surf Force is improving the state of the world, and have fun doing it!”  – Dave Carroll

Surf Force 2016 – Making the impossible possible!

Over 6 months ago the Surf Force team set out on a Journey to make a difference. How? Through Surf Force – A Salesforce tech event with a twist. Our destination? Wales – Aberavon. Why? To expose the possibilities of Cloud technology to this relatively technology deprived area of Wales. The result? New opportunities.

With the success of; the awesome Surf; the presentations; the  Codo Dojo class; and networking, we certainly left a small, but important message. Not only did the event impress upon the local Salesforce and wider community, but also raised £1k for Wave Project – a charity that helps young people deal with mental health illness and feel more positive. Wowzers!

Skip forward to the present day and what do we have as a result of all our combined efforts? How does 2 new users groups, (Cardiff and Aberavon), 1 new Codo Dojo in Aberavon (which runs monthly in the local leisure centre) further recognition for an The Wave Project charity and an all time high for community spirit #SalesforceOhana, sound?  Flipping brilliant if we do say so ourselves.

So that is exactly why Surf Force is back again this year!

*Big thanks you to our Surf Force 2016 Sponsors, Good Day Sir Podcast, Apttus, Impact Solutions, Conga, TaskFeed, Mason and Frank, Distribution Engine – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Surf Force 2017 – Spreading those possibilities in Bundoran

If you have followed our story thus far on our Social platforms, you will have seen that we recently announced that Surf Force 2017 will be taking place in the picturesque coastal town of Bundoran in County Donegal, Ireland. You may be inclined to ask why the team have decided to take to the air and bring the Surf Force tech event to the Emerald Isle? Well apart from the amazing views, the answer is quite simple really. We saw many links with Salesforce that just made sense. Here are a few:

World Wide Recognition
  • Like Salesforce, Bundoran has so many aspects that are highly regarded world wide. One of these happens to be that is has world class surf spots on its doorstep. Perfect for our event in the summer.
Huge Community Spirit
  • Similar to the Salesforce community, Bundoran too has an amazing community which spans the globe. They travel year round to this coastal spot to surf, teach and help give this town the recognition it deserves. #BundoranOhana
Strive to improve
  • Just as Salesforce is on a quest to constantly improve its platform, so too is Bundoran. With a population of just under three thousand people (which grows to ten thousand in the summer), Bundoran essentially thrives on its tourism, especially in the summer. Therefore, it must continually improve without losing it’s Irish charm.
Giving Back
  • We all know about Salesforce and it’s 1-1-1 model. Well Bundoran also likes to give back. Not only does it have some amazing local charities but the Donegal Adventure Centre also gives back by training unemployed people to become surf instructors! AWESOME!

These are just a few reasons why we believe that Bundoran is an excellent choice for Surf Force 2017. But don’t just take out work for it, come and join us!

If you are interested in Surf Force 2017. We are looking for Sponsors, Speakers, Volunteers and of course Attendees. Register your interest here and we will be in touch soon. 

The Surf Force Team.