Surf Force 2020 Aberavon, Wales. Join the Salesforce Community with a twist.

I am delighted to announce that Surf Force will take place on the 11th of September 2020 in Aberavon, South Wales, and my team and I look forward to meeting old and new faces once more. 

The journey so far has taught us many valuable lessons about ourselves and the Salesforce community we serve. The feedback, pivots, experiments, successes and failures have all helped us arrive at the event that will be Surf Force 2020, and I welcome you to join us. You won’t regret it, nor will we let you forget it. 

This year the event has been designed to help us intimately enjoy nature. We will clean the beach, surf in the waves, play in the sand and once totally exhausted, enjoy roasting marshmallows over a bonfire, while chatting together. 

Surf Force is all about having fun. We believe we learn the most when we try new things, make mistakes, understand where we stumbled and then try again. Learning is enhanced and is always better together in safe environments, and Surf Force provides just that. 

The analogy I use to describe Surf Force is as follows. Everyone thinks I am mad to surf in the winter in the UK. Surfing is perceived to be for young rubbery souls that don’t feel the cold. Likewise, the Tech sector is perceived to be the exclusive domain of the young and geeky. In reality, if you take a Surfing lesson, the surf instructor will advise you on the best wetsuit for the conditions, ensure you have the appropriate board and teach you how to stay safe, all before you even enter the water. By the time you enter the sea, you are sweating in your wetsuit and only too eager to cool down in the sea and catch your first wave. Getting into tech is no different, you need a lesson with an instructor that will ensure you have the right kit, understand how to use it and show you how to be safe, all before you turn on your computer. By the time your first lesson is over, you will be itching to write your first email, line of code or novel.

Surf Force then allows everyone in the Salesforce community to come together and experience the damage we are doing to our lovely planet and then to learn new ways in which to stop the negative impact we are having. We surf to experience the power and beauty of the sea and the healing effect it has on us. We also learn together in speaker led sessions where the speakers are hand-picked to ensure we all leave inspired, encouraged and protected by the community who champion their success.

Surf Force is for you. Our sponsors want you to have a fantastic time and to build long-lasting trust relationships. In past events, it has been the sponsors who have not only funded the Towels, T-Shirts, Wetsuit Vests, Hoodies and many other high-quality memorabilia, all sourced from the most sustainable and high quality vendors possible,  but have also jumped in and helped us produce them by working with the suppliers. I cannot thank them enough. The companies that support Surf Force are also committed to the welfare of their teams and our planet. Please consider using them.  

I look forward to seeing you at Surf Force 2020. I will be the lunatic running around in bright shorts trying to help in any way possible. Grab me for a chat, hug, or beer. Life is precious and short. Spending time together is time well spent.