Surf Force 2020 Cancellation

Hi Surf Forcers!

You may have noticed we’ve been a little quiet of late, like most community groups we’ve been busy keeping our eyes peeled and watching as the recent events have been unfolding. 

We’ve been crossing our fingers and toes hoping that things will continue to improve and we’d be in a position to host Surf Force in September in Wales. We are seeing a positive trend in the decline in cases but we accept things are changing week by week. 

After watching closely over the last few weeks, it’s with heavy hearts we’ve come to the decision to postpone our SurfForce 2020 event until 2021. 

Given the physical nature of our event and the required travel to attend we appreciate that as everyone’s personal circumstances are different and thus may not feel comfortable to attend. Although we’d love to have you all together for another epic weekend of surfing, beach cleans, learning, knowledge sharing and networking, our number one priority is keeping you all safe. 

We might not be back this year, don’t worry the spirit of Surf Force doesn’t need to be postponed. So we’d ask especially now as we now have an opportunity to hit pause and evaluate – not mention as we see the impacts of COVID on our physical environment. We have the opportunity to simply enjoy the sun in our gardens, parks, beaches or seasides…so please make sure you aim to leave the same if not better than you found them.

Please consider getting a sustainable approach and plastic-free approach to keeping yourself safe in COVID – reusable masks, eco hand sanitizer, eco cleaning products (consider a local BYO /refill store)

We will be sharing more of our environmentally friendly options to help guide you make a more sustainable choice on our site. And we’d love to hear from you if there is a Swap you’ve made that you’d recommend then please get in touch!

Sending a big virtual hug out to you all, we hope you and your families are keeping safe.

With a wave of love,

Shaun, Mick, Scott, Christine, Matt, Marcelle and Kerry