What can I expect from the surf session

Cressey’s Surf Academy offers excellent tuition for beginners of all ages and levels of fitness. Whether this is your first time on a surfboard, or you’re still developing the skill to catch small waves standing up or for longer than a few seconds, then beginners level coaching is for you.

All equipment is provided, although you are welcome to bring your own wetsuit if you have one. Beginners tend to learn on ‘soft’ foam surfboards which are larger and heavier than normal boards, offering you more chance to practice balancing on the waves and get to standing more quickly. These boards are specially designed for novice surfers due to their buoyancy, making them much easier to catch waves.

 Each coaching session contains a mix of teaching both on land and in the water, and starts with a gentle beach warm-up to get your muscles moving and ready for action! Before you get in the water your Surf Coach will make sure you understand the basics such as how to use and carry your board safely, paddling techniques, and health and safety.

 Your Surf Coach will then demonstrate what you’ve just learnt in the water, then guide you through each aspect again as you have a go yourself and practice your new skills. Once you’re confident in catching waves, we’ll get you back on the beach and teach you techniques for standing. We aim to get you standing up in the water for a short amount of time on your first session.

Watch this short clip to get a better overview